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Solomon's Secret Subtleties

Bigblindmedia presents
Solomon's Secret Subtleties (BBM123)

Dave Solomon is one of the world's leading thinkers on card magic. His books and DVDs have bought him international acclaim, and on this new DVD, it's clear to see why Dave is held in such high esteem.

All of these tricks will fool you.

From the self working to the technical, from the commercial workers to the magician foolers, and from the start to the finish, let Dave Solomon make you feel like a lay person, all over again.

Then, sit back and relax as Dave takes you through the workings of these fooling tricks, with in-depth explanations delivered through his casual, chatty style.
Solomon's Secret Subtleties will entertain you.. arm you with incredible magic... and teach you how to think like a master magician.
Grab a deck of cards and let's get started.

  • Spec Cuts Aces
  • Switchcraft
  • Invisible Toss
  • Folding The Blanket
  • Jazz A234
  • The Magnetic Cards
  • Poker Aces
  • A Blah Day
  • Primitive Shufflebored
  • Spellino
  • Successful Succession
  • Anytime Double Matcho
  • Gold From Straw
  • Reading The Tea Leaves

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Mental Marriage

Mental Marriage



The magician displays four Queens and four Kings and his lucky coin. The spectator shuffles the Queens and the Kings. She selects a King and a Queen, a completely free selection. When she holds the lucky coin the cards match, a marriage and conversely with no lucky coin the cards do not match. These Mental Marriages are uncanny magic.

For the climax, the spectator is given the lucky coin and a choice of two envelopes in which he can win a Million. First he opens the envelope not selected to show that it contains a $20 bill. The lucky envelope is opened in which is a check that states, "A Million Thanks."

Everything that you need to perform this effect is included. Four specially printed Phoenix backed Kings and four Queens, two special envelopes and illustrated instructions. Online tutorial also available.

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Mental Marriage

Knaves Gone Wild

Dave Solomon's Knaves Gone Wild starts off like many other assembly tricks. That's where the similarities end.


Each Jack vanishes from its respective packet in a visual, impossible way. Spectators will rub their eyes, gasping for a solution and questioning what they've seen. Each vanish is different, surprising and easy-to-do. The trick's plot is easy to follow, and in the end, the missing knaves arrive in the leader packet, safe and sound.

On this DVD you will learn David Solomon's personal handling of Knaves Gone Wild, as well as his cleverly constructed O'Henry Jazz Aces, an assembly with an unexpected sucker-punch ending which can be performed with a borrowed deck.

Clear step-by-step video instructions are provided, along with the necessary cards, custom-printed by the US Playing Card Company.

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Knaves Gone Wild DVD cover

Thoughts Across

David Solomon’s Thoughts Across is a direct, devious method for the classic Cards Across plot with a twist.


Two spectators select a card mentally from a packet of ten cards. Without any questions, sleights or monkey-business, both cards vanish from the packet completely, and travel to another packet which has been in plain sight.

The spectators can think of any card in the packet. There are no forces, and no palming is required. David has a sophisticated method on the DVD as well as a self-working method.

There are two bonus effects on the DVD that can be performed with a borrowed deck. Double Crossed Switchcraft and Pure Vice Versa use one of Ed Marlo’s little known subtleties.

Clear, step-by step video instructions are provided, along with the necessary cards, custom-printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

When the great Juan Tamariz asked for a set of these cards 10 years ago, David could not provide them, but finally with the help of Fun Inc. Juan now has this clever set of cards.

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Thoughts Across DVD cover

Oil and Water Remixed

Oil and water is a card plot that has teased David Solomon's mind since he first became aware of it. Oil and Water Remixed is his piece de resistence for this sort of effect.

Oil and Water employs the notion that the blue cards with black faces are oil molecules and red cards with red faces are water molecules and, like salad dressing, when mixed they separate. Technicolor Oil and Water is a four phase routine that looks impossible. The visual nature of the routine is done with special cards that make the magic work. There are almost no moves but it is not self-working. Watch the movie to see the magic.

When David showed this effect to Ricky Jay he was so taken by the visual nature that he asked David if he could perform it on television.

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Oil and Water Remixed

Technicolor Thunder

An Effect created by The Chicago Session:

David Solomon, John Bannon & Simon Aronson


Six Jokers are shown, each with a different brightly colored Casino back. The performer explains that each card represents a memorable gambling experience in six different casinos. But, the magician points out, the Jokers by themselves are meaningless in Poker.

The performer tells the spectator that the Jokers are wish cards. He asks the spectator to wish for a card in poker. One of the Jokers is immediately changed to the Ace of Spades. The next card wished for is another Ace, but this time the wish is not granted but the King of Spades is produced which is well on the way to one of the best hands in Poker. The next three cards fill the Royal Flush in Spades.

But what is the sixth card on the table? The sixth Joker is revealed to have transformed into the “Rules of Poker” card ranking Poker hands which shows that the Royal Flush is the most powerful hand in Poker! All of the faces and backs of the cards are shown creating a fooling effect – Technicolor Thunder!

All the cards are beautifully custom printed; includes detailed instructions with 13 photos.

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Four Flusher

The mind of David Solomon has given birth to a startling, visual card effect that virtually works itself!


The magician displays a poor poker hand, one a cheater might try to pawn off as a flush. Describing the methods of a professional card shark, and with zero moves, the poker hand turns into Four-of-a-Kind with Aces! Continuing the explanation of cheaters' secret moves, the hand becomes a Royal Flush in Spades!

Get this — only five cards are used — and they are tabled at the conclusion of the effect, displaying both faces and backs!

Comes complete with photo-illustrated instructions and a very special set of blue-back, poker-sized Bicycle cards printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co. just for this routine.

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Four Flusher

Printing on Demand

This is one of David Solomon’s favorite packet tricks. It has multiple climaxes and easy patter possibilities.


A blank Bicycle card is placed aside. Four Jokers are shown to have blank backs. One by one the magician prints colorful backs on them. After all four backs are printed, the magician magically causes all of the Joker faces to vanish and all four of them appear together on the blank Bicycle card.

Solomon says, “This is Printing On Demand!”

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Printing on Demand DVD

Hocus Poker



At the world renown Poker Cheaters Convention, the final competition narrowed to two of the greatest poker hustlers in the history of the game.

There was Chicago Eddie against the infamous Fats from Detroit. Each man was given the famous “Dead Man’s Hand” containing pairs of aces and eights; the same hand that Wild Bill Hickok held when he was shot in the back playing poker. To win the competition, each gambler must better his hand by using any method of cheating, as long as he doesn’t get caught.

Chicago Eddie went first, secretly stealing a pair of aces from his opponent, giving him the four aces. Detroit Fats, knowing he was a certain loser with the four eights, cunningly, and without noticeable movements, switched his hand to a straight flush, which by the rules of Hoyle’s beats four aces!

Not to be outdone, Eddie magically changed his four aces into a royal flush to win the competition!

Sounds incredible, but it's easy to do. Find out how.

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Hocus Poker