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Solomon's Secrets

by David Solomon

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David Solomon is one of the nation’s most prolific card veterans, accumulating fifty three years of questioning and challenging magical thinking—always striving for the most interesting and fooling methods. From the last ten years of publishing more than 100 tricks online, in magazines and in DVDs comes a “must have” compilation of some of Solomon’s most original ideas for card magicians.

Solomon’s Secrets includes 50 card effects, including nuanced performance effects, poker tricks, card matches, mental magic, updated mathematical approaches and classic plot effects. Some of the noteworthy effects are Solomon’s Simple Oil and Water, The Finger Print Trick, Folded Discovery, Matcho From a Shuffled Deck, Blah Day Clock and Spectator Cuts U Count.

The 208 pages are filled with destailed instructions. Included are over 200 photos that clearly illustrate all sleights, layouts and procedures. At the end of most effects, the reader is treated to Solomon’s personal reflections in the section aptly titled, “Solomon’s Mind.” Solomon explicitly attributes ideas and inspirations to the greatest magic thinkers, past and present, as his thinking evolves and builds over many decades.

Solomon’s Secrets is a an essential addition to any card enthusiast’s magic library, providing hours of original, thought provoking material to add to their performance repertoire or simply enjoy for the pleasure of it.

Watch a performance of Poker with Aces:

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Big Blind Media Presents

The Card Solutions of Solomon

by David Solomon

New 3-DVD Set

David Solomon is one of the most respected and revered card magicians in magic today. With a compelling approach to handlings and method, plus a razor sharp attention to detail, Solomon's routines are performed by amateurs and experts all over the world.

The Card Solutions Of David Solomon is a 3 disc extravaganza that explores the best and the brightest of his excellent repertoire. Featuring a mammoth twenty three effects, this set will provide material that will excite everyone from beginners to advanced cardistry experts.

In addition to learning excellent routines you will also gain a valuable insight into the creative thinking and problem solving techniques that David Solomon employs to such devastating effect. With crystal clear instruction honed over many years of lecturing all over the globe, this is a definitive guide to great card magic.

'You'll enjoy not just the trick itself, but the thinking behind it.' —John Bannon

3 Discs. 23 Effects. Nearly FOUR hours of incredible card magic. Get ready to learn the Card Solutions of Solomon!!

DVD Contents:


  • Casino Clock
  • 21 Card Trick
  • Jamesway Poker
  • A,2,3,4 Elevator Revisited
  • Fingerprint Trick
  • Simplex Oil & Water
  • O'Henry Jazz Aces
  • Solmar Aces Revisited


  • Blank Jazz Aces
  • Blank Thought Revisited
  • Jokers Are Wild
  • Card In The Card Case
  • Fust Friends
  • Marlo's Secret Kato
  • Pure Vice Versa
  • Whispering Queens


  • Clearly Up The Ladder
  • Double Triumph
  • Half A Dream
  • Kissing Cousins Twice Removed
  • S-V-S Shuffle
  • Time Travel Wallet
  • Solomon's Gypsy Curse

Watch a performance of Jazz A,2.3.4 Revisited:

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The Wisdom of Solomon

Magic with Playing Cards

by David Solomon & Jeff Siegfried

It seems impossible that I published my book, Solomon’s Mind, (now out of print but still available on DVD), in 1997. In the past decade, I have been busy increasing my card knowledge by reading volumes of texts, sessioning every week, attending conventions, even traveling to Spain to participate in the “Escorial” in Madrid. Now, I am able to share my expanded performance reportoire in my latest volume, The Wisdom of Solomon.


  • 54 Card Effects, with over 200 photos
  • Full presentational pieces for any audience
  • Effects for the intermediate through expert card enthusiast
  • Commercial stunners & magician foolers
  • A dose of clever gaffed effects
  • A chapter of Don May’s Magic
  • Previously unpublished Ed Marlo effects
  • David Solomon’s personal reflections


  • A signed Joker becomes the signed selection
  • Gypsy Curse with new patter
  • Double Clock effect
  • Don May’s No Strip Multiple Shifts
  • Expert Poker Deals
  • Blank Jazz Aces with presentation

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Preview Kissing Cousins
from The Wisdom of Solomon

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Wisdom of Solomon front cover

Wisdom of Solomon back cover

Solomon's Mind

The DVD of Favorite Effects from the Book

David Solomon's first professional DVD features ten of his favorite effects from his 1997 book Solomon's Mind and three new routines that had not been previously published.

This DVD is an hour and a half of magic and explanations. David has been trumpeted as a magician's magician, but here you will see him in action for laymen. See the ease of his performance and the fun that the spectators have participating with the magic.


  • Four The Hard Way - A great impromptu twisting effect. The patter with the effect is engaging and the reaction of laymen rewarding.
  • Three Indicators - This effect uses John Bannon's startling "Discrepancy City" move to create an unusual prediction. You have to see this one to believe it.
  • Business Card Prediction - This is a clever commercial effect which allows the performer to give away his business card.
  • No Palm Cards Across - Yes! This is the classic Cards Across with no palming.
  • Double Surprise Rising Card - Two selected cards rise from the deck at the performer's command. No thread to break, no magnetics, and the deck can be used immediately to perform further magic.
  • Technicolor Oil and Water - Ricky Jay called this the most visual Oil and Water ever created.
  • Cannibals - This is the storied Cannibal card trick where two Kings eat several cards.
  • Full Faced Universal Card- One of David's favorite card effects: the Universal card, a Joker, magically changes to match three selected cards and then when passed over the deck transforms to a card that has all of the elements of cards from the deck.

New Effects

  • Very Dicey - This effect has all the components for being a closer for an act. Maybe it is luck that the first card matches the number on the dice. It is improbable when the second number matches. It must be destiny when the numbers thrown on the dice are added and the packet that the magician cut has exactly that number. The last card dealt is the spectator's selection.
  • Mexican Poker - This is an effect devised by David, John Bannon and Tomas Blomberg. It is a poker game played with ten jumbo cards where the spectator makes all of the selections, but is beaten by the magician. This effect will be in John Bannon's new book and is being performed professionally by Eugene Burger.
  • Printing On Demand - A new commercial effect with special cards produced by Meir Yedid Magic. Four blank backed Jokers are magically printed with multi-color backs. After all four backs are printed the Joker faces vanish only to appear on a card placed aside before the effect started. This is an easy-to-perform visual gem.


Three Indicators Effect | Four the Hard Way Effect
both from the Solomon's Mind DVD

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Solomons Mind DVD

Ed Marlo: It's All in the Cards

The Inside Story of Magic’s
Most Prolific and Creative Card Genius

2-DVD Set featuring commentary by Marlo’s closest students

Disc 1: The History

  • Documentary of Ed Marlo’s life in card magic
  • Historic footage of Ed Marlo performing a collection of his original card effects and sleight of hand (including Devilish Miracle, Unbelievable Aces and Cards To Pocket, Open Prediction and 8 perfect riffle Faro Shuffles)
  • First-hand stories highlighting Marlo’s unique personality
  • Bonus historic footage of Ed Marlo, Charlie Miller and Dai Vernon at SEAM Convention 1982, filmed by James Lewis

Disc 2: The Card Effects

  • Marlo’s students perform and explain card effects inspired by their mentor

Featured magicians

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Ed Marlo