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Solomon's Secrets ♦ Book $55
Solomon's Secret Subtleties ♦ DVD $30
Wisdom of Solomon ♦ Book $50
Solomon's Mind ♦ DVD $35
The Card Solutions of Solomon ♦ 3-DVD set $50
It's all in the Cards ♦ 2-DVD set $50


Knaves Gone Wild ♦ DVD $15
Thoughts Across ♦ DVD $15
Oil & Water Remixed ♦ DVD $20
Technicolor Thunder ♦ Packet $15
Hocus Poker ♦ Packet $15
Four Flusher ♦ Packet $15
Mental Marriages ♦ Packet $20
Printing on Demand ♦ Packet $15
Solomon's Notes — Lecture 2011 ♦ Booklet (info) $15

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