The Wisdom of Solomon — The Lecture

DAVID SOLOMON'S card magic is performed by magicians all over the world. His lecture is about an hour and a half and will cover card material from his books and marketed products.  

… You will discover how David's commitment to magical thinking, to taking things apart and putting them back together in new and different ways, has generated some wonderful card magic.

—Eugene Burger

For almost two decades, David was privileged to be part of Chicago's “Inner Circle” of card magic that surrounded the legendary figure Edward Marlo, and included such respected names as Simon Aronson, Steve Draun, and Bill Malone. David spent untold hours watching and helping Marlo create card effects.

Dave in actionIn this lecture, the beginner will find material requiring minimal skill, while the seasoned expert will find routines employing more advanced techniques. In every case, the result is amazing card magic. In addition, this lecture provides novel natural handlings with clean, well thought-out methods. David eliminates extraneous moves and, through subtlety and devilishly clever thinking, creates fooling card effects. 

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The Chicago Session:

The Usual Suspects

Solomon’s Notes

  • Get Solomon's Notes: Lecture 2011— a 27-page booklet of 10 effects. Info here.